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For collectors inspired by passion and purpose.

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Postavant empowers the next generation of collectors to discover art they love.

Our mission is to bring more collectors into the art market and support artists with the vision to create a more accessible and sustainable art and cultural economy.

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we do things differently.

As a client, you get access to precisely the best experts for your project. 

We assemble the perfect people to get the job done right. This means you benefit from an extensive network of experts – not just one or two advisors – that we’ve cultivate during two decades of on the ground, in-the-trenches experience. 

We are your eyes and ears in the market.
Your best friends, allies, and confidants.
We are everywhere, moving between markets and museums. 
(Well, Zoom for now).
We are artist and gallery agnostic.
Impartial. Unbiased.
We tell it like it is.

Your custom-made A+ team.
We work hard and with honesty.
Bringing clarity to confusion.
Strategic vision and insights.
We are here to realize your vision.
Let's do this!

we've got your back

Our clients come with different art collection needs and motivations, but they all have one thing in common - they need a trusted ally to help navigate an opaque art market.

Many are just starting out and find the abundance of contemporary art overwhelming and difficult to evaluate. Or, they are not sure which art best reflects their unique personality. It could be they find galleries intimidating and wonder if an artwork they love is good quality, fairly priced, and will hold its value. No one wants to feel intimidated in a gallery or uninformed in the market.

Other clients are long-time collectors looking to refresh or create coherence to an existing collection. They need a strong curatorial eye to identify gaps and develop a collection focus. Often clients are confused about their collection as a whole, which they built organically over the years as they bought art they love.

For many of our clients, collecting is both a passion and an investment. They want market insights and art historical expertise to identify blue-chip art and up-and-coming artists. Sometimes our clients come into possession of valuable art and need a great strategy for when, where, and how to sell their artwork to maximize its value.

In each case, our clients need experts with strategic insight to really understand what they want. We do just that by combining decades of expertise to translate your vision into a personal, strategic, and actionable plan.

We believe in empowering you to realize your vision with passion and purpose.

To get started, book a free consultation.

Let's do this!