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Postavant helps people with all aspects of creating, collecting, and selling incredible art & nft collections.  

We simplify the process, bring clarity to confusion, and offer flexible ways to receive support through each stage.


Artists, collectors, galleries, and institutions – it's time to rise and thrive with NFTs.

Coming soon... our Web3 site with fresh content and a rundown of our NFT & blockchain work.

In the meantime, why not book a free discovery call to explore how we can help you realize your vision with:

Launching art & nft projects
Collecting and investing in fine art nfts
Becoming Metaverse & Web3 ready


What's Postavant?
Our name nods to the avant-gardes - the trailblazing artists of the 20th century who pioneered new art forms.

We are Postavant - after (post) the avant-gardes and always seeking the innovative in art.
Who we are
Postavant is a boutique advisory that helps with blue-chip art acquisition and sales. From traditional art collecting, to bespoke NFT and blockchain projects, you benefit from deep industry expertise across fine art & Web3.  

Postavant is led by Dr. Lauren Rotenberg, an art historian, curator, and advisor with over a decade of on-the-ground, in-the trenches experience in London's contemporary art market.
Where we are
"Where are you based? On my feet. Where are your feet based? Everywhere."
- Hiwa K.

Contemporary art transcends borders, and so do we. Our clients and projects tend to concentrate in London, New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles.
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Launch art nft projects
Collect and invest in fine art nfts
Become Metaverse & Web3-ready